This walk will link the older village of Ollerton, home to the Hop Pole Hotel and picturesque watermill on the River Maun, to the town that was built to house the various mining communities who moved into the area to work in the pits, including many Polish men.

Partly following a train track where no trains run, and passing by the Sherwood Energy Village, the future emerges in the form of the most modern playground you will ever have seen (and which you will want to play in, with the pit tip – now covered in trees – in the distance).

Skirting the local shops, and heading up towards St Paulinus Church, the walk will loop back on itself, taking in the newly established garden that is one of several community ventures that are rooted in the old Ollerton landscape that is beginning, like the rest of the area, to shift and change.

We’re still very much gathering stories for this walk, as well as working with the different groups that will help us shape the finished work. If you’re in Ollerton and want to get involved then do get in touch.