Working with the Newstead Keep Fit (Fat) group that has been going now for thirty three years, this walk will take place on the Newstead and Annesley Country Park, another example of an old pit site being reinvented as a natural space (and one that has been used greatly over the last eighteen months).

The team getting ready to plan the walking route

Newstead is a village that has always been out on a limb, cut off through snow storms in the past and broadband coverage in the present. Its a place whose water supply came from an endless well from Annesley and which is now within view of a giant wind turbine. Surrounded by woods, and with Newstead Abbey somewhere along the yellow brick road (with a big lake to swim in), it’s also been a place that sits between the rural and the industrial, where mushrooms can be picked and deer spotted, where the colliery cricket team was much feted (a tradition continued with the Newstead Nomads), where Sally Cleaver did everyone’s wallpapering, and the Welfare do’s were so popular at Christmas that husbands and wives would take it in turns to stand in the queue whilst the other would nip back home and change. It’s a place that went through a tough time in the nineties and is now looking to the future, wondering what kind of community will evolve.

We’ll be adding information here about events in this area, as well as how the work is shaping up and ways in which you can help soon.  So please do keep checking in.