Get Involved

Listening to an audio story at the Bolsover Bingo show; Excavate 2015

There are a number of ways to get involved in this project, from simply sharing your story to helping to identify a walking route in your town or village where the audio story might take place, to working with us to create a map for the walk that will be printed and distributed around the town.

As the project progresses, we will keep posting updates on the activities that we are running but we’re also looking for a small number of people in each location to become part of a steering group for their story and their walk.  This won’t take up too much time, maybe six or seven meetings, either online or in person, between now and next Spring when we’ll be launching the finished stories and walks.  

The job of the steering group will be to ensure that the story and walk that are created for their location is one that captures something of the spirit of the community in which they live.  We’re looking for people who may be interested in local history, or walking, or storytelling to help with this.  The tasks for the group will be to listen to the first draft of the story that is created and offer some thoughts and advice (what has Andy missed, what has he got totally wrong) and to come up with a location where the story should take place (a walk, because the story will be broken down into several parts along the route of the walk).  They’ll also work with the overall project team on the creation of the map and the launch of the event.  This should be a really interesting and satisfying process and so we do hope that some of you are interested in finding out more about this.  If so, then please email